August 8, 2019

Eng. Mohsen Salah celebrated with the teamwork the arrival of King Ramses II Obelisk to the Museum of El Alamein City safely

Among a huge celebration;Eng. Mohsen Salah -CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company and the teamwork celebrated the successful arrival of King Ramses II obelisk which transferred safely from Al Andalus Garden on the River Nile in Cairo to the museum of New Alamein City on the Mediterranean Sea. The journey exceed 300km. This was in the presence of Eng. Hossam El Din El Reefy - AC Board Member, Eng. Osama Kamal - Member of the Company’s Executive Board supervising the Equipment Sector, Eng. Ahmec Abdel Qader - Head of Alexandria Sector, Eng. Ayman Attia - Manager of Alexandria Branch, Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Fouda - Manager of Tunnels and Slipforms Department, Eng. Yasser Hamouda - Manager of New Alamein Project, Eng. Yousry Abdel Razek - Deputy Manager of Alexandria Branch, Eng. Tayel Abdel Monaim - Manager of Equipment Affairs, Eng. Mahmoud Kholousi - Manager of Overhauling Workshops and Eng. Hamdy Farg - the Project Manager. Eng. Mohsen Salah declared that the Arab Contractors Company assigned by the Authority of the Urban Communities with this mission. Therefore, AC under the supervision of the Supreme Council of Antiquities which affiliated to the Ministry of Antiquities has used a newly invented engineering method to install the 12.5m obelisk as one piece through putting it in an iron cage to ensure the safety of transporting and arrival of the obelisk which its weight with the iron cage reached 150 tons. Eng. Mohsen added that the iron cage which is 30tons was manufactured in a record time did not exceed 3 days in the central workshops of the company in Alexandria Branch in Al Amiriya. It was fixed around the body of the obelisk in cooperation with the Tunnels and Slipforms Department which implemented the punching works using the coring machines to install 6 metal beams inside the concrete base of the obelisk, inject and connect it with the iron cage for the accurate installation, then cutting the concrete base using wire saw - cutter. A heavy crane 600 ton equipped with super lift used to settle the obelisk and upload it on specialized bulldozer in the transporting of such huge cargo which exceeds 200tons and it is equipped with 16 axes. The equipment was provided and operated by the men of the Arab Contractors Company in the Equipment Sector “The Department of Equipment Renting” until the obelisk reached safely to El Alamein City. The workers from Alexandria Branch and Equipment Renting Department mobilized the new site to receive the obelisk and strengthen the soil which allows the existence of another crane 600 ton to settle the obelisk on its new base. He pointed out that all works were implemented under the supervision of the sector of laboratories, development and scientific researches and according to the design and implementation method defined by the Engineering Consultancy Sector of the Arab Contractors Company in cooperation with the Engineering Consultancy Office of Dr. Moustafa Rostom and Dr. Ahmed El Sawaf. It is noteworthy that this obelisk is one of the obelisks constructed by King Ramses II to elaborate his temple, it is made from the pink granite and its four sides decorated with motifs and titles of King Ramses II.