July 28, 2019

Egypt particpates in laying the foundation stone for Rufiji Dam in Tanzania

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania, His Excellency John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, a number of the Tanzanian officials, Dr. Mohammed Shaker – the Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy and the Egyptian Ambassador to Tanzania witnessed the ceremony of laying the foundation stone for Rufiji Dam to generate hydroelectric power. The Egyptian JV of the Arab Contractors Company and Elsewedy Electric Company were awarded the implementation of this great project with a total value of 2.9 billion US$. In his speech, the Tanzanian President praised the bilateral relation between Egypt and Tanzania and the efforts of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi that recently the relations witnessed a great development. He expressed his trust in the implementation of the project which considered a dream for the Tanzanian people to provide clean energy. He pointed out that Tanzania is losing 400hectar/daily of wood in order to gain energy. He declared that the dam is built upon 2% only of Selous Game Reserve and this project will contribute into the environment preservation and provide business opportunities for the Tanzanian people. Besides, the project will put Tanzania on the development road from the prospective of factories construction and the establishment of different activities which depends on energy. Within his speech, Dr. Mohammed Shaker – the Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy send the greetings of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi to the President of the United Republic of Tanzania and to all the officials; he pointed out that Rufiji Dam will be a landmark in the cooperation between the two countries in the energy field. He declared that the project is fully supported by President El Sisi and there are instructions for continuous follow up for it. The Electricity Minister added that this project allows the generation of energy which contributes in achieving the goals of the United Nations of the sustainable development and it will execute the initiative of the renewable energy in Africa. Dr. Shaker declared that Egypt will stand beside Tanzania hand in hand through the transform of technology and experience. The Ministry of Electricity will provide 50 scholarships for the Tanzanian in the Ministry' training centers in Egypt. Eng. Mohsen Salah – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company stated that this giant project is within the framework of strengthen and support of the Egyptian-Tanzanian relationship which has become a unique model in the era of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi who regain Egypt to the embrace of the African continent. Eng. Salah added that this project will be executed by Egyptian-Tanzanian hands and according to the highest standards of quality; the dam capacity is 2115 megawatts, water reservation reached 33 billion m3 with a height 134m which covers 1350km2 extends for 100km, total length of roads is 80km and 40% of it were implemented. He pointed out that the project has 5 main items which include the body of the dam, the power house, a diversion tunnel for water, spots of the energy distribution and the permanent bridge to link the two sides of the project. In addition to these, there is the construction of 2 quarries on both sides of the project and a small village for the project workers. Eng. Salah added that it requires the use of 2.4 million m3 of reinforced concrete works, 1.7 million m3 of Roller Compacted Concrete, 67500 tons of reinforced steel, cutting and filling amount reached 6.5million m3, 3million m3 of rock barriers. The Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company confirmed that 20% of the planned housing camps have been carried out, including a temporary camp. The surveying works for the entire project area have also been completed. The examinations of the soil layers have been completed throughout the project with a total of 223 exploration wells. The construction of the temporary offices for the project's workers was completed. Besides, the completion of study the location of the quarries and starting the drilling of a tunnel for water diversion from 3 drains. In addition to the construction of a concrete plant and a crusher for the required materials to meet the needs of the project. The project is one of the most important national and development projects in Tanzania, in view of the expected diversification of energy sources in the country. It will overcome energy problems and control water flow throughout the year, including flood periods. It is a noteworthy that the project include the construction of a main concrete dam for water reservation required for the generation of hydroelectric power from the power plant, the building of 4 other dams to reserve water; consequently the total amount of the expected reserved water will reach 33 billion m3. The ceremony attended by Eng. Ahmed El Assar – AC Board Member, Eng. Ahmed Ouda – the Project Manager, Eng. Mohammed Hassan – Deputy Project Manager, Eng. Mohammed Samaha – the Site Manager, Eng. Sayed El Attar – the Surveying Manager and General Coordinator, Eng. Ibrahim Qamar – Regional Manager of Africa Sector, Eng. Ahmed Raafat – Safety and Occupational Health Manager, Mr. Faisal Tawfic – HR and Administrative Manager of the project and Mr. Moustafa Abul Naga – the Project Security Manager.