July 7, 2019

The Egyptian and Lebanese Culture Ministers inaugurated the branch of the General Egyptian Book Organization in Beirut which developed by the Arab Contractors Company

The Egyptian Culture Minister Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem and her counterpart the Lebanese Culture Minister Dr. Mohammed Daoud inaugurated the branch of the General Egyptian Book Organization (GEBO) in El Sidani Street, El Hamraa area in Beirut which was developed and renovated after an 8-year hiatus. This inauguration was in the presence of Mr. Nazih El Nagari – the Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon, Dr. Haitham Al Hajj – Head of the General Egyptian Book Organization (GEBO), Eng. Mohsen Salah – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company and a number of the diplomatic and cultural figures. The inauguration ceremony was among the Lebanese culture atmosphere, that Al Tannoura Troupe provided an Egyptian artistic night to celebrate this event.
Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem said that the branch of the GEBO in Beirut is considered the main channels for spreading the cultural and intellectual communication between the Egyptian and Lebanese people and to boost the Egyptian existence in the heart of Beirut. This is what the Ministry of Culture seeks to achieve as part of the government general strategy to restore the Egyptian leadership in different fields of culture and arts and enhance the efforts of the state in activating the role of the soft power as a tool of communication between the Arab peoples. She added that the GEBO branch will be transferred into a strategic center for cooperation between the cultural institution in the two countries besides its role in spreading the thought, knowledge and the Egyptian culture. She stressed that the branch includes volumes of masterpiece books and the cultural encyclopedias which is the cornerstone of human construction and characterized by diversity and enrichment both in the form and content in appropriate way to Egypt and its cultural and intellectual status in the Arab world.
Dr. Mohammed Daoud - the Lebanese Culture Minister praised the publications and contents of the GEBO branch and the rich diversification in its content; he pointed out the enhancement of cooperation between the two countries through the intellectual and cultural convergence; and regains the role and status of Beirut as the center of knowledge and culture. He emphasized on the pivotal role of Egypt in the Heart of Arab nations due to its civilization and history.  Mr. Nazih El Nagari – the Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon expressed his happiness that Egypt represented by the Ministry of Culture has re-inaugurated one of the intellectual and cultural important veins to Egypt in Lebanon. He pointed out that the reviving and re-working of this branch through the Egyptian cultural and artistic activities to become a cultural center for the gathering for the writers and artists, was the long-sought target for the Ministry of Culture and the embassy.
Eng. Mohsen Salah – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company which executing the development and rehabilitation works of the GEBO branch in Beirut declared that the company contributed in this project to emphasize its national role within the framework of the continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Culture. He praised the prominent cultural role of the ministry in extending Egyptian cultural bridges to different nations particularly the Arab peoples. Eng. Mohsen stated that the Arab Contractors Company exists in Lebanon through its branch which implemented many important and vital projects, such as: Al Nabatieh wastewater networks, Saida wastewater networks and stations (1st and 2nd phase), Maroun Al Ras Lake for rainwater harvesting and Western Bekaa water networks and boreholes. It is scheduled to launch the implementation of Bakaata water station with a capacity of 35000m3/day and water station of El Mseilha with a capacity of 30000m3/day. Dr. Haitham Al Hajj stated that the branch of the General Egyptian Book Organization (GEBO) is considered an important step in the cooperation way between Egypt and Lebanon, that it is the cornerstone for publishing joint ventures with Lebanese publishers. Besides, it is a center for publishing the Egyptian book in general. It is a noteworthy that the GEBO branch in Lebanon was established on 1967 when Lebanon was an important logistic area for culture and art, after the war broke out in 1975, it was destroyed and moved to a new headquarter which include 2 floors and a bookstore.