February 26, 2019

Signing of a cooperation protocol between the Arab Contractors Company and Arab Organization for Industrialization in the common fields

General Abdel Moneim El Teras - Chairman of Arab Organization for Industrialization and Eng. Mohsen Salah – Chairman and CEO of the Arab Contractors Company signed a cooperation protocol of the common fields between them "manufacturing – construction" in Egypt, Arab and African Countries.  AOI Chairman expressed his happiness regarding the cooperation with a giant entity as the Arab Contractors Company which stands as an honoring representative and well trusted by its existence in the Arab and African countries. He pointed out that there was a previous cooperation experience between the AOI and AC in the field of water stations. He declared that the protocol includes meeting the requirements of the Arab Contractors Company in the projects of water purification plant, water wells treatment, wastewater and industrial drainage stations, means of transportation, spare parts and other main products of the AOI. Besides, the protocol is including the priority for the Arab Contractors Company to implement the civil, construction works, the technical and consulting services for the AOI. Eng. Mohsen Salah stated that the agreement will put into force be dismissing the foreign product and use the local product which manufacture in Egypt specially in the field of equipment and spare parts, consequently this will push the industry cycle in Egypt and saving the hard currency. He said that this is a message which targeting the society to state that the national entities could be united, challenging and working together in all fields and honoring Egypt's name abroad. The signing ceremony of the protocol was in the presence of a number of the Arab Organization for Industrialization's leaders and Eng. Ibrahim Mabrouk – the Head of Africa Sector in the Arab Contractors Company.