January 15, 2019

The Prime Minister Witnesses the Launching of "the Green River" in the New Administrative Capital

Prime Minister and Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Dr. Moustafa Madbouli witnessed the launch of the central park of the Green River in the New Administrative Capital, where seven contracting companies headed by the Arab Contractors Company work with a total of 500 equipment, besides hundreds of workers.
He stated that the garden will resemble the civilization and development of Egypt and will be the link between a series of smart urban neighborhoods which are characterized by abundant capabilities, flexibility and modernity; and will be one of the distinctive gardens in the Middle East and the whole world.
The park is more than 10 kilometers long and built on an area of more than 1,000 feddans, which making it one of the largest parks around the world.
The Prime Minister was accompanied during the launching ceremony by Eng. Randa El Menshawy – the First Deputy of the Minister of Housing and the Supervisor of PM's Office, Eng. Khaled Abbass – the Deputy of the Minister of Housing for the National Projects, Abdel Motaleb Omara – Deputy of the Head of the New Urban Communities Authority for the Urban Development Affairs, Eng. Mohammed Abdel Maksoud – Head of the New Administrative Capital Authority, Eng. Ashraf Younan Tharwat  - Deputy of the Head of the NAC's Authority, Eng. Amr Abdel Samiaa – the General Coordinator of the NAC, Eng. Emam Afify – the Vice President of the Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Ahmed Abbass – Board Member of the AC, Eng. Sayed Shendy – Head of Greater Cairo Sector, Eng. Mohammed Lasheen – Manager of Cairo Branch and Eng. Tarek Sand – Deputy Manager of Cairo Branch.

The park is divided from East to West into three homogeneous planning sectors linked to the immediate surroundings reflecting a personality and a distinctive visual and urban characteristic.
The First sector (CP 01) is about 4 km long and is on an area of 375 feddans. This sector imitates the environment and harmonizes with natural factors. This part of the garden includes more than 250 feddans of open areas for hiking and a range of distinguished projects which reflect the nature of this part of the park resembled by (the Islamic Garden - the Covered Park - the Social Club - the Integrated Health Resort – the lakes and the restaurant) on a total area of more than 125 feddans.
The Second sector (CP 02) is about 3 km long and is on an area of 306 feddans. This sector is a main center for cultural and recreational activities. This part of the park includes more than 240 feddans of open areas for hiking and a number of distinguished projects reflecting the nature of this part of the park, namely the Art Garden, the Heritage Park, the Recreation Area, events parks and the Open Theater on a total area more than 60 feddans.
The third sector (CP 03) is 4 km long approximately and on an area of 309 feddans. It reflects the nature and privacy of the public parks and their close association with the direct surroundings including the central business district (CBD). This part of the park includes about 250 feddans of open areas for hiking and a series of distinguished projects that reflect the characteristic of this part of the park including a children educational park, an open library, gardens for reading, central park, dining area and the sports club which built upon more than 50 feddans.