December 16, 2018

President El Sisi Inspected the Final Finishing Works of Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque in the New Administrative Capital

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi was in an inspection visit on 13th November 2018 to follow up the final finishing works of Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque in the New Administrative Capital. This was in the presence of Major Gen. Kamel El Wazir – Head of the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces, Major Gen. Hassan Abdel Shafi - Manager of the Military Engineers Department, Major Gen. Hesham El Suiefy – Chief of Staff of the Military Engineers Department, Major Gen. Emad Saafan - Assistant Manager of the Military Engineers Department, a number of the Armed Forces leaders, Eng. Mohsen Salah – the Chairman and CEO of the Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Sayed Farouk – AC Senior Vice Chairman, Eng. Emam Afify – AC Vice Chairman, Eng. Ahmed Abbass – AC Board Member, Eng. Mofida Allam – the Roads Consultant in the AC and Supervisor of the Laboratory Sector and the project's leaders.
Eng. Mohsen Salah declared that the mosque is executed under the supervision of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces; it is built upon 29 feddans and accommodates 17000 prayers. It is considered one the mega mosques worldwide and it is located on the New Middle Ring Road. The project is consisting of a ground floor which includes: the mosque nave 6325m2 which accommodates for 6300 prayers – 5 main entrances – 2 entrances for women– external praying area 6700m2 accommodates 6700 prayers; a typical floor for women praying on 1080m2, the main dome for the mosque's nave with a diameter of 32m and a height 28m from the mosque's ceil and 42.80m from the floor surface. The mosque has 4 secondary domes 12.5m and a height 10m. Besides, 4 secondary domes above the entries, 4 minarets 92m height. In addition to a basement 6325m beneath the external praying area including men praying area (1200 prayers); women praying area (300 prayers), 2 ablutions for men and the same for women; 2 Quraan memorization houses for boys and girls on 340m2, a library on 395m2, administrative offices, services rooms, air condition, electricity, administrative rooms and stores. The mosque will be surrounded by a wall 2000m2 length. He added that 1000 workers are currently carrying out the finishing works; besides 6 tower cranes, 15 ground cranes, 25 scissor lift and manlift, loaders, different kinds of vehicles and excavators.

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