October 27, 2018

Mr. Hossam Imam Toured a Project in Saudi Arabia and Praised the Efforts of the Branch's Workers

Mr. Hossam Imam – AC Vice Chairman was in inspecting visit for the intersection road between El Madina El Monoura and El Hijra Market Road in Mecca El Mokarama. He was welcomed by Eng. Soliman Younis – Branch Manager of Saudi Arabia who pointed out that the projects is one of the most important projects for the highway connecting between Mecca and Madina to free it from the traffic and cancelling the intersection located beside El Hijra Market to facilitate the movements of the pilgrims who went from Mecca to Madina and vice versa; and the comers from King Abdel Aziz International Airport in Jeddah to Mecca. He added that the project is consisting of 2 bridges on 2 sides, one of them from Mecca to Madina and the other from Madina to Mecca; each one of them is 700ml length and 20.60 m width for each side with 4 lanes. He stated that the First phase of the First bridge is implemented and put into operation for the traffic movement. The Second phase is ongoing and its expected completion date is 2 August 2019. Mr. Hossam Imam praised the workers' efforts which reflected on the branch's financial indicators, working on implementing the ongoing projects and bidding for new projects specially after expecting that the AC will gain the classification certificate soon from the Saudi Contractors Classification Agency to increase the work volume of the branch in accordance with the company name, fame and history within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.