October 28, 2018

Egyptian Engineers Syndicate Honoring the Heroes of October War...The Honoring of the AC, Eng. Osman, Eng. Mahlab, Major Gen. Kamel El Wazeer and the Contracting Companies Participated in Achieving th

On the occasion of the Egyptian anniversary of 6 October Victory, the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate in Cairo headed by Eng. Hesham Abou Senna and under the supervision of Eng. Hany Dahi – Head of the Engineer's Syndicate honored the Egyptian hero from fighting engineers. For the First time the syndicate honored the company which had an effective role in achieving the October's victory, the Arab Contractors Company is one of the companies which contributed in the epic of building the wall rocket. The honoring was for Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman & CEO, Eng. Osman Ahmed Osman – the Founder of the Arab Contractors Company represented by his son Eng. Ahmed Osman on behalf of the late. In addition of these, the syndicated honored Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab- the former Prime Minister and the Honorary Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, Major General Kamel El Wazeer –Head of the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces, Eng. Mahmoud Hegazy – Chairman of the Holding Company and a number of the great leaders of October War. Eng. Hany Dahi said that the engineers whom participated in October War providing great sacrifices which will be stands as an evidence along the history. He pointed out that the giving of the military engineers in the military and civil fields and their great achievements and the execution of mega national companies which executed according to the highest quality in an unprecedented time which astonishing the engineers worldwide. Major General Hesham Abou Senna stated that leader from engineers still educating the generation the meaning of sacrificing; therefore the syndicate is keen to be the premier in appreciating these sacrifices in peace and war. He pointed out that Egypt is depending upon the military engineers in its development. He added that the honoring is a kind of sincerity towards what the engineers provided in October war and their sacrifice will stand as symbol of benevolence ever and forever under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. Finally, Major General asked the attendees to stand a minute of silence in the memory of the martyrs of October War.