July 25, 2018

Eng. Mohsen Salah Inaugurated the Development Works for the AC Medical Complex Which is Serving 1500 Patients and Including Different Medical Specialities

Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman inaugurated the development and modernization of the Medical Complex of the Arab Contractors in Nasr City which aims at providing distinguished medical services for the company workers and the pensioners; decreasing the waiting lists of the Medical Center of Arab Contractors Company and increasing the facilitation for the patients. Eng. Mohsen Salah praised the development and modernization works of the Medical Complex which is considered a continuation for the medical organization of the company. He gave instructions to keep upon the continuous development of the complex for the benefits of the company workers and the pensioners for whom the company exert its best efforts to provide the best services for them. On the other side; Mr. Hossam El Din Emam – AC Vice Chairman declared that the development works includes increasing the capacity of the building and supplying it with the latest medical devices to benefit from the medical services in accordance with an updated system to provide the relaxation for the patients and integrated medical services according to the latest systems. Mr. Hossam Emam stated that the Medical Sector completed a comprehensive database including the files of all the patients from the company workers that in case of the workers being transferred to another place the doctor will find out easiness in exploring his past medical history. Dr. Mohammed Samir Azmi –the Head of the Medical Sector in the Arab Contractors Company, said that 13outpatient clinics were equipped with the latest level of medical clinics in the major hospital accommodating 1500 patients daily and including different specialties: (Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Surgery, Urology, Neurosurgery, Psychological And Neurological, Digestive System, Endocrinology,  General (Internal) Medicine, Hematology, Vascular, Dermatology - An Integrated Cardiology Unit - Nephrology - Pulmonology – Ultrasonic Waves ) treated by a selection of university professors and AC company's doctors. Dr. Mohammed Samir added that the development work included the equipping of the Medical Complex with an integrated medical laboratory which has the latest instruments worldwide such as: Beckman Coulter which is the 1st instrument in the world for the chemical tests, Sysmex one of the best instruments for the blood image, GE Echo with the unique technique of Stress Echo and ECG. In addition to these, the development work of the pharmacy to accommodate the increasing number of the patient and fast providing them with the required medicine; the patients' rest area, equipping the building with the latest sound devices, fire alarm, IT networking and signs for helping the patients.