May 16, 2018

Ministers of Awqaf and Antiquities inaugurated the 1st phase of the restoration and renovation of Zaghloul Archaeological Mosque

The Minister of Awqaf and the Ministerof Antiquities inaugurated the First phase of the restoration and renovation ofZaghloul Archaeological Mosque. He thanked the Arab Contractors Company fordismantling, installing, renovating and reviving the mosque with great skilland restoring it to its former image. It is noteworthy that Zaghloul Mosque isthe largest and oldest mosque in Rasheed. It dates back to the Mamluk era in995 Hijri - 1587, and was the center of the scientific, religious and patrioticmovements and from which spark the popular resistance against the Englishcampaign and General Fraser 1807 consists of two parts of the eastern partcalled the Diwan in relation its founder name Metwali El Diwani in the Mamlukera and the Western part which is already inaugurated was realted to itsfounder name Hajj Aly Zaghloul who lived in the seventeenth century. The totalarea of ??the mosque is 5,300 m?, 90 m long and 48 m width. The old mosquecontains columns with varied shapes and sizes of marble, flint stone andlimestone. These columns carry about 170 small domes resembling the domes ofthe Mohammed Ali Mosque in an Ottoman-style castle. Due to the poor architecturaland construction conditions that reached the Western part of the ZaghloulMosque, it caused the fall of most of its domes and columns, the collapse ofmost of its walls, the accumulation of water filled with salts and crustaceansin all its parts, and the spread of hay and grass in the land.

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