May 7, 2018

The Honoring of the AC in the Conference of "Sustainable Development in Africa"

The annual conference on sustainabledevelopment in Africa, organized by the African Research Institute at CairoUniversity, was launched on Monday 7th of May 2018 under thepatronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research; theMinister of Water Resources and Irrigation and the President of CairoUniversity. Eng. Mohsen Salah – the Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company wasawarded the shield of the Cairo University for the AC effective role and participationin the implementation of many development projects in the Black Continent, statedby Amani Khodier – Head of the Follow Up Department for the African Projects. Eng.Amani added that Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab – the Presidential Assistant for theNational and Strategic Projects has been awarded this shield on the previousyear for his pioneering role in the development of relations and trade exchangebetween Egypt and African countries. It is noteworthy The target of theconference is to encourage investment and overcome the challenges ofdevelopment in Africa, support opportunities for cooperation and integrationamong African countries, improve infrastructure (roads, transport andcommunications), develop natural resources, agriculture,  irrigation and food industries development,irrigation and food industries in Africa and supporting the cultural and socialrelation between the African people as well as improving medical services inthe black continent, supporting the role of youth and women in development,working towards achieving the AU 2063 agenda, and maximizing the role ofeconomic blocs in African development.