January 2, 2018

Minister of Housing Annnonced Solving the Problem of Kima Wastewater Plant, Fulfill the Promise towards the President and the Governorate Inhabitants and Thanking the Acrab Contractors

Minister of Housing: the Kima 1 and 2 Wastewater Treatment Plants enter the service to treat drain wastewater tripartite and get rid of the drainage of contaminated water into the River Nile. The transformation of 46 wastewater treatment plants to triple treatment within two years and add 12 million m? of water/day.

 Alaa Moustafa who complained at the youth conference thanked the President; and Minister of Housing commented that Aswan as whole is full of happiness.

 Minister of Housing said that "We have fulfilled the commitment that was announced to the Egyptian President - Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and the citizens of the governorate at the Youth Conference, to end the problem of the drainage of contaminated water into the River Nile in Aswan”. The Minister of Housing pointed out that this project was followed up in particular, where the executive position of the project was presented weekly in the follow-up meeting of utility projects, to resolve any problem, until its implementation. The rehabilitation of the two wastewater treatment plants (Kima 1 & Kima 2) and the infrastructure for planting woodland trees with treated water was carried out by the triple treatment plant, at an estimated cost of 235 million EGP. He pointed out that the capacity of the two stations was increased to 75 thousand m?/day to accommodate the excess drainage; he thanked the Arab Contractors for the implementation of the project and exhorting great effort to complete the commission according to the time schedule. The Minister of Housing explained that Kima 3 will be executed within three weeks for the triple treatment, 35 thousand m?/day, to accommodate any future drain, explaining that the execution period was decreased from 18 months to 6 months only, and the water produced from the station is according to the international standards for water treatment. During the Minister's tour of the station, a sample of the treated water was taken three times. The Minster of Housing said that according to the instructions of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi within this year and next year we will executing 46 wastewater treatment plants in Upper Egypt, from Bani Suief to Aswan, will produce treatment water 1 and 2 million m?/day, all these should be executed in less than two years, This comes within the government strategic plan to rationalize water consumption and exploitation. There are countries that use water seven times to make the most of every water drop. Egypt has a large population and its resources are fixed from water, so every drop of water must be used. During the tour, Alaa Moustafa, who provide the complaint to the President at the youth conference, thanked President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, the Minister of Housing and the Governor of Aswan to fulfill the promise and get rid of the problem that the governorate suffered from its for many years. He expressed the happiness if Aswan inhabitants for the completion of this project. It is noteworthy that there were a coordination between the ministers of Housing, , Water Resources, Irrigation, Health and Population while providing the criteria of the treated water to the Supreme Committee for Water to ensure the quality of the produced water.