April 20, 2017

French President awarded the First Class French Medal of Merit to Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab

French President Fran?ois Hollande awarded the French Medal of Merit to Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab former Prime Minister, Presidential Assistant for the National and Strategic Projects for his role in supporting the Egyptian-French bilateral relation during his heading of the Cabinet till now. In addition to these, the French Ambassador to Cairo praised the national role of Eng. Mahlab and his contribution in the development of the building and construction sector in Egypt all over his practical life span.  
On the other hand, Eng. Mahlab expressed his being honored by this medal.  This honor is a tribute to the cooperation, friendship and partnership between Egypt and France and the strength of strategic relations between many fields over two centuries. The history of Pharaoh gathered in a French book called "Description de l'?gypte (Wasf Misr)" and the most influential examples for the cooperation between the two countries is the participation of the French Engineer Dilipsp in the Suez Canal, and the impact of French architecture in the Egyptian heritage. Currently there is cooperation in Greater Cairo Metro project and on the security level Airplanes Raval were handed over to Egypt. Besides, many of the scholars and religious men were studied in France, such as Rafaa Tahtawi, Sheikh Mohammed Abdo and the leader Mustafa Kamel, who transferred the French civilization and culture to Egypt. Eng. Mahlab pointed out that there is cultural exchange between the two countries in freedom, equality, and ethics and counter the extremist ideology and terrorism.  He stated that his love to the French language urged me to learn it to deal with many of the French engineers and politicians; I am honored to be a member of the French-Egyptian Presidential Council and a member of the Board of Trustees of the French University till now. At the end of his speech, he stressed that friendship is the rest and effort has to be exhorted for the progress of nations and countries. It is noteworthy that Eng. Mahlab got many 1st class medals of merits from the presidents of Equatorial Guinea, Cot d'Ivoire and Togo.
Among the attendees of the ceremony was the Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, Mr. Hossam El Din Emam – AC Vice Chairman, Eng. Eman Soliman and Dr. Mohammed Youssef – Board Members.