February 21, 2017

Eng. Sayed Farouk and Eng. Imam Afifi Touring El Galala Mountain Project

General Kamel El Wazeer – Head of the Engineering Authority for theArmed Forces toured the ongoing works in El Galala Mountain project. He wasaccompanies with Eng. Emam Afifi – Vice Chairman of the Arab Contractors Co.and a number of the company leaders. Eng. Emam stated that the work is onprogress, pointing out that AC scope of work in this project includes theconstruction of international hotel built upon 9150m? on a unique location on the Red Sea. Thishotel comprises a basement, a ground floor, 4 typical floors, 266 rooms, 24suite, 84 villas and chalets, a car parking built on 10200m?. He added that theproject manpower is 600 workers and engineers. In addition to these, theproject has tower cranes and the other required equipment. Moreover, thecompany role is to execute a number of residential buildings as part of theMountain Project.