January 31, 2017

Red Sea Governor Laid the Foundation Stone for Hamrawein Mining Port with Total Cost EGP 385 million

Red Sea Governor laid the foundation stone for Hamrawein Mining Port with total cost EGP 385 million. The Deputy Manager for Red Sea Branch declared that Hamrawein Mining Port is located on the Middle of the Eastern Coast for Egypt definitely 60 km  South Safaga, 120 km South Hurghada. The highway crossing the port and linking North Suez with  South Halayeb passing Zaafrana, Ras Ghareb, Hurghada, Safaga, Hamrawein Port and El Qoseir which is 20km south the project site. 
On the other hand, Red Sea Governor toured the construction of the Accumulation Tank 10000m?, Customer Services Building and the Workshop in El Qoseir with a total value EGP 16.5million.