December 15, 2016

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi Inaugurated Number of New Projects in Housing, Utilities and Services

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi inaugurated number of new projects carried out by the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces and the Ministries of Housing and Transportation, these came within the governmental plan to support the comprehensive development in Egypt and provide the welfare for the citizens in the different governorates. Among these projects the Bahariya Oasis-Farafra Road, integrated wastewater project for El Qasaseen City which carried out by the Arab Contractors Company.
It is noteworthy that the Bahariya Oasis-Farafra Road is 140 km length, 11m width and executed by the Highway Department of the AC. This project is among the Arab Contractors Works in the 1st phase of the National Project for Roadways reached total length 700km and some of them were accomplished. For examples of these roads: the regional road of Banha – Belbis (13km length – 20m width for each side), South Fayoum-Oasis (130km length – 12m width) the works in them under the supervision of the General Authority for Roads and Bridges. Besides, Bani Suief-Al Zaafarana Road(60km length – 20m width for each side), Wadi Wateer Road (40km length) under the supervision of the Department of the Military Engineers. In addition to El Bouytey-Dayrout Road (60km length) under the supervision of El Wadi El Gedid Urban Authority. This huge project for roads will attract different investment and will contribute in increasing the growth rate through the construction of industrial zones, the new urban communities and desert hinterland. Besides, it will link the governorates of Upper Egypt and Red Sea, creating new business opportunities and solving the traffic problems in the capital.
The integrated wastewater project in El Qasaseen New City was carried out by Canal Branch, the project scope of work: wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 20 thousand m?/day; 2 pumping stations (a main station a substation), gravity networks from the vitrified clay pipes with a total length 30km, drain lines 300mm&400mm of high density polyethylene 190ml & 2200ml respectively; 2 culverts in pipe jacking and 2 culverts in open cut.