September 29, 2016

Cooperation Protocol between the Ministry of Education and the AC to Build Vocational Industrial School to Maintain and Repair the Heavy Equipment

Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman and General Mohamed Ibrahim El Halawany – Head of Vocational Education and Equipment Sector in the Ministry of Education sign the cooperation protocol to construct a vocational industrial secondary school for the dual education and training on the heavy equipment inside the company on Shoubra training center affiliated to the Technology Institute for the Construction Engineering and Management. After the preparatory schools the students will be prepared and qualified to work according to the work requirements in the company projects and will have technical diplomat certificate with the dual education system to work on the different national projects. General Halawany stated that the vocational education has a current important role in Egypt by having well trained and qualified apprenticeship to work with modern equipment. He thanked the Arab Contractors for their efforts in the training field, lately their contribution in the training of the vocational education student in Sharq El Tafriaa projects.
Dr. Mohamed Youssef stated that this protocol is an extension for the company role in supporting the vocational education consequently solves the unemployment problem. He pointed out that the study time is 3 years. The ministry of education will select 20 students to be trained on the maintenance and repairing of the heavy equipment on the mega national projects to gain the required vocational qualification level for the specializations that require a highly standard technology and be able to deal with the modern equipment and the different various construction methods. As a bonus the AC will appoint 5 students of the top. It is noteworthy that the AC support the vocational education schools and training the students in Cairo, Giza, Alex, Ismailia and Suez 8 years ago.