August 2, 2016

AC Chairman Following Up the Work Progress in the HQ of the National Investment Bank

Eng.Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman following up the work progress in the NationalInvestment Bank in El Gabl El Akhdar. It is noteworthy that the project totalcost id EGP 140 million, execution period is 15 months. The project isconsisting of: a main building built upon 4400m (a ground floor, a higherground floor, 4 typical floorsو pical ground floor, f: a main building built upon 4400m (a groundf n period is15 months.  with the same space ofthe total building, 3 floors with lesser space than the other 4 ones).

The building includes: documentssafe, workers offices, the huge money safe, consumer cooperative, public W.Cs, Buffet, cafeteria, Place of Prayer, conferences halls,workers affairs and managers' offices, service building which contains: amosque built upon 372m, a ground floor, a higher floor. The ground floor includesa water tank (400m?),pumping room, generator room, transformer room, HV rooms. The higher groundfloor includes a water tank (400m?), the electromechanicsworks room, services tunnel which connecting between the service building andthe main building and containing the cables and the services.