January 5, 2016

President Sisi Instructions to Open Al Salam Bridge ... Eng. Mahlab and Gen. Kamel El Wazeer Following Up the Pier in Port Said, Suez Canal Corridor and Sinai Tunnels

General Kamel El Wazeer– the Head of the Armed Forces EngineeringDepartment Egyptian declared that President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi decides tore-open Al Salam higher bridge above the canal for the vehicles starting from 4thJanuary. It will be opened for all coming citizens to Sinai from the next dayof re-open to release the traffic of the working vehicles in the nationalprojects in Suez Canal and Sinai Corridors.

Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab - the President's Assistant for National Projectsstated that the works is on progress according to the time schedule without anyobstacle. The achievements in the development of East Port Said giving hope tothe people. Eng. Mahlab giving directions to increase the equipment and laborsto keep upon the execution ratio on time. Besides, he approved the request ofthe Parliamentary members of Port Said to giving the priority to the Port Saidpeople to work in the projects there. General Kamel El Wazeer added that theprogress in East Port Said Projects confirmed the fact that the Egyptian canovercome any challenge as the stated by President Sisi on the launching of theproject. It is decided that the new pavements will be 5,5km length as extensionto East Port Said, the 1st phase of the industrial zone will builtupon 10km, the side canal 5,9km ready to work after 11months – the executedwork reached 80% regarding the dredging works till now. By next day a cargowill be arrived with the excavator for South Port Said Tunnel to East Port SaidPort; it will be transported to the tunnel area to be assembled and startingthe excavation works on 25th April 2016.

Dr. Ahmed Darweesh – the Head of the Economic Development Authority ofthe Suez Canal stated that President Sisi gave directions to have a detailedstudy for any project related to Canal to certify its economic benefits andfinancial force for the investing companies to assure the offer seriousness andachieving the target of providing business opportunities and increasing investments.Eng. Mahlab - the President's Assistant for National Projects asserted that theclarification project of Manzla Lake from all the pollutants is ongoingaccording to the international standards to restore the lake as one of the fishsources. He added that the project is the 1st of its kind whichexecuted by the government.

It is noteworthy that the Arab Contractors Company will participate inthe execution of El Salam Bridge above Suez Canal; currently the ACcontributing in the development of Suez Canal Corridor, one of its important elementsis the development of Shark El Tafreaa (the Pier) and the construction oftunnels under the Suez Canal in Port Said.

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