February 1, 2015

The Egyptian Prime Minister Inaugurated Tahrir Car Park

Egyptian Prime Minister, Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab inaugurated Tahrir Multi-Storey Car Park in Down Town. He was accompanied by the ministers of Housing, Local Development, Antiquities, Environment and social solidarity; Cairo Governor, prominent and public media figures; Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman and Eng. Sayed Farouk – Senior Vice Chairman.
Cairo Governor stated that Tahrir Car Park will change the pattern and features of Down Town, Tahrir Square completely. It will facilitate the traffic in the square and its surroundings restore the civilized landscape of the Down Town through providing alternative parking especially after the operation of Omar Makram Park accommodating 600 cars.
Cairo Governor stated that after the inauguration of Tahrir Car Park, all its leading streets were upgraded, development of the buildings' façade within the Program framework of Development of Khedivial Cairo.
After the inauguration, the workers in Tahrir Car Park were honored for their efforts in the project success.
It is noteworthy that the car park built upon 20.000m², executed by the AC, financed by El Tahrir Co. for Garage Investment (TICO) – National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr, the beneficiary is Cairo Governorate. The project scope of work: 4 floors, 14m depth underground, accommodates 1700 cars and 24 touristic buses, equipped with systems of security, conditioning, fire-fighting, guiding signs and system for showing the empty and occupied areas. The project will contribute in the traffic facilitation, accommodating parking cars in Down Town.

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