December 29, 2015

The Egyptian Prime Minister Touring the 10th Ramadan Potable Water Station

H.H.Prime Minister – Eng. Sherif Ismail touring the 10th Ramadan PotableWater Station. During the visit the Prime Minister attended the explanation ofDr. Moustafa Madbouli - Minister of Housing about the station and he statedthat the water supplied to the station as a preparation for the commissioningof the 1st part of the 1st phase. Minister of Housingpointed out that there was coordination with the Ministry of Health to set atime schedule to inspect samples for assuring the water validity. The executionrate from January 2009 till November 2013 not exceed 50% for dispossess theproperties. However, during the last 2 years many problems were overcome tillthe completion of this mega project.

Thestation is serving many residential and industrial areas in 10 Ramadan – AlShorok – Badr – Madinty – North Suez Gulf – the New Capital Cairo the totalproductive capacity for the station reached 1.2 million m?/day with a total cost 1billion and 262 million EGP for feeding 10 Ramadan – Al Shorok – Badr –Industrial Zone for  10 Ramadan City –Suez Gulf area – New Heliopolis through transmitting the raw water by theintake of Ismailia lake on Belbis City, the intake pump, the middle pump andthe double line of precast concrete pipes(2.5mm diameter – 29 tons weight foreach pipe)to 10 Ramadan Purification Plant. The drilling works reached 3million m? and therehabilitation is 300 thousands m?and the reinforced concrete is 38 thousands m?which reflects the volume of the work amount and the grand challenge which thecompany faces. Many departments and branches contribute in this challenge to activatethe self-executing role and complete usage of the capabilities, such as: Canaland Sinai Branches – Marine Works – Civil Works – the Shipyard Departments. Thesanitary works and finishing Departments are executing the pumps finishing, thelaboratories department contributes in the required tests according to thetechnical terms and specifications of the project.

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