December 29, 2015

Chadian President honored the Arab Contractors Company by the National Medal

Chadian President Idriss Deby honored the Arab Contractors Company(AC) by "the Knight Medal" which is the highest national medal.

The Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company – Eng. Mohsen Salah statedthat the AC is the only Egyptian firm that honored this medal from Chad.

He noted that the company has previously obtained the First classMedal of Merit in recognition of its efforts in construction of El-Orouba andEl-Thawra tunnels in Cairo.

In addition to that, Equatorial Guinea has granted AC the Medal ofMerit for its efforts in the construction of infrastructure, housing, andhospitals projects.

Ivory Cost has also bestowed its National Medal for the constructionof Jacque Ville Bridge.

The Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, Theodoros II has alsobestowed the Holy Patriarch Medal for the rehabilitation and restoration of MarGerges Church in Misr Al Qadima.

Eng. Ashraf Abdel Aaty – Head of Sector for Africa Branches addedthat honoring the Arab Contractors Company by the highest Medal in Chad isconsidered an African recognition for the Egyptian Engineering. He mentionedthat the AC launched its activity in Chad since 1999, with a total work value320million US$. Examples of the AC Significant projects there are : ChadianForeign Ministry – The African Central Bank (ACB) in Ab?ch? – Road of Angora -N'Djamena – Balala (total length is 120km) – Road ofMongo-Eref (78 km) – Strengthen works for Guelengdeng-Bongor –Construction of 10km internal roads in Bongor.