December 29, 2015

AC Signed the Establishment Contract for New Company in Kenya

Inthe presence of Eng. Tarek Qabeel – Minister of Commerce and Industry,Ambassador Mahmoud Talaat – Egyptian Ambassador to Kenya and Ambassador AshrafIbrahim – Assistant of the Foreign Minister; Eng. Mohsen Salah – Chairman ofthe AC signed the establishment contract for the Arab Contractors Company inKenya. AC Chairman declared that he met with the Deputy of the Kenyan Transportand Roads Minister in the Ministry Head office to discuss the bilateralcooperation between the two countries in the fields of roads, bridges,infrastructure and the available opportunities for the AC to work in the KenyanMarket. He added that this visit is within the framework of the company settledplan to open new markets in the African continent.

Eng.Ibrahim Mabrouk – Head of African Companies Sector pointed out that the is acurrent study about cooperation with Kenyan side in a road construction whichfinanced by the Islamic Bank in Kenya. This project will be the starting pointfor the Arab Contractors Company there. Besides, there will be a study to so,vethe traffic problem of the airport roadways to Nairobi.

It isnoteworthy that the Arab Contractors dispensed in many African Countries suchas: Algeria – Rwanda – Benin – Uganda – Botswana – Equatorial Guinea – Chad –Tunisia – Ghana – Sudan – South Sudan – Libya – Cameroon – Mauritania – Cote D'Ivoire– Morocco – Zambia – Nigeria – Ethiopia.

Thecompany turnover reached 3.2 billion US$ by the beginning of this year. The AC Projects'work sectors varied between roads (1.7 billion US$) – Housing and Construction(718 million US$) – Infrastructure (350 million US$) – Bridges (37 millionUS$).