October 28, 2014

AC Chairman Inaugurated Ain Shams Wastewater Plant

Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman inaugurated Ain Shams Wastewater Plant, the 1st phase with a total capacity 300.000m³/day. The 1st phase is expected to be accomplished by the end of the year.
It is noteworthy that the project aims at increasing the capacity of the pumping station by getting rid of the amounts in the Greater Cairo Wastewater Plants which draining at Al Gabl Al Asfar causing the drowning of certain districts in West Cairo. This crisis overcame by constructing one of the mega manholes all over the Middle East.  The project scope of work is a pumping station 600.000m³/day, gravity line 2500mm working using pipe jacking 18m depth and 600m length, drain line 1500mm with a total length 8.2km including the chambers and culverts.