September 9, 2014

Housing Minister Touring Housing and Water Projects in Sohag and Assiut

The Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities announced that they increase the budget of New Sohag to reach EGP 581 million instead of EGP 222 million; In order to urge the inhabitants to relocate into the New Sohag instead of the Old Sohag. The minister stated that there is a great concern with the people in Upper Egypt through providing the required finance to continue the important projects there. Minister of Housing emphasized that the ministry paying much concern with the social housing projects to solve the housing problem for the low incomes in New sohag, the project will be delivered by the end of this year besides the accomplishment of potable water and sewage projects which stopped years ago.

At the beginning, the minister and the governor toured the social housing project in New Sohag, AC is executing 82 buildings include 672 housing unit for the low income citizens with a total value EGP 64 million. on other hand, the housing minister and Assiut Governor toured the social housing project in New Assiut, AC Assiut Branch executed 28 buildings with a total cost EGP 60 million. Then they visited Sadfa and Ghanayem Water Station 600 to 1200 liter/sec. AC branch implemented its 1st phase for EGP 218 million, the project is serving 25 villages, its networks length is 49km and diameters varied from 300 to 1200 mm.

The next day… the Housing Minister and General Ibrahim Hammad inaugurated the 1st phase of Al Qousiya Water Station and Network (800-1600 l/sec) serving 32 villages, total cost EGP 290 million. Eng. Mohammed Osama – Project Manager added that the station is built upon 10 feddans includes: water intake, manhole, water distribution well, 2 clarifiers, filters and pumping filtered water buildings and 86km networks.