August 11, 2014

Minister of Housing Emphasizes on AC Decentralization and Performance Development to Compete in the New Governmental Projects

Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities emphasized on the importance of the AC performance development, decentralization concept in works during the coming phase to compete strongly in the new government projects which will be announced within this month, especially the new roads projects. Consequently, we will be able to gain as many projects as appropriate with the AC history and national position.
In addition to these, his highness stated that he is keen to support AC in anything needed to facilitate any obstacles hindering it. He inspires 5-fold increase in revenue by working in these national projects.
During the minister meeting with the AC board and leaders, he stated that the coming phase will witness unusual work amount, therefore the works development should be on progress. He urges that the performance development should start from the junior worker or engineer to reach the seniors without exception, this in the light of the AC integrity.
The minister stated the necessity of providing the required equipment to participate in the drilling of wills for the land reclamation will be launching by the government this year. It is expected that the drilling works will be for 1000m depth, with the ability to coordinate with other companies in this concern.
On the other hand, Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman asserted that we have 4 drilling machines in addition to breakers and many varied equipment to work in the governmental project in the coming phase, and we are ready for competition with the other counterparts.
The situation of the current projects executed by the AC and some of the delayed projects due to other authorities were presented to the minister.
Eng. Mohsen Salah stated that the delayed project which expected to be executed in 30/6/2014 will be delivered in 30/9/2014. He announced that 30 water and wastewater projects in number of governorates will be delivered.