July 27, 2014

Prime Minister Inaugurated the Development Project of Al Moasasa Square

Prime Minister Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab inaugurated the development project of Al Moasasa Square in Shubra Al Khima.
The Prime Minister toured the development works in the square including: cars tunnel, higher bridge, entrances and exits expansion, 3 Pedestrians Bridge and car park.
The development works include new traffic transformations to facilitate the traffic crisis in the surrounding area. Besides, the installation of security and monitoring cams for the square’s entrances and exits working 24/7. In addition to these, the construction of a new commercial market including 200 shops to eliminate the peddlers and random booths. The construction of buses and microbuses station, fountain with Islamic design, a statue for the Great Mohamed Ali Pasha for his role in the development of the Modern Egypt and building of El Qanater El Khiria.
On the other hand, Eng. Mahlab honoured the distinguished workers for the efforts in the execution of the project on a record time.