June 26, 2014

Soft Opening of El Moasassa Square Development Project

AC Chairman, Head of Greater Cairo Urbanization Authority and Qalioupia Governor celebrating the Soft Opening of the Development of El Moasassa Square in Shoubra El Kheima. The project objective is to facilitate the traffic in this area before the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan. New traffic exchanges were built that the passenger from the agriculture road to take the surface corniche while the passenger from the agriculture road to Ahmed Helmy Viaduct will take the tunnel, and the passenger from the corniche to the agriculture road will take the higher bridge. 
The Manager of Bridges Department declared that the project total cost reached EGP 26 million including 4 phases: the 1st phase is the execution of cars tunnel 9.75m width, 210m length, accommodate 3 lanes, 20m covered part and the rest is open. The 2nd phase includes a higher bridge compromise an inlet and an outlet above the tunnel. It is 230m length, 9.75m width and 3 lanes. The 3rd phase is the development of El Moasassa Square. The 4th phase is the construction of a new pedestrian bridge 100m length crossing over the bridge and the tunnel that comes after dismantling the old bridge to facilitate the citizen movement from Shoubra El Kheima station to the Car Park. In addition to theses, the development works of the surface roads surrounding El Moasassa Square to El Sharaqwa Lake.