June 25, 2014

AC Chairman Toured the Expansion Works of El Amiriya Wastewater Project

Within the Framework of his continuous follow-up of the company projects, Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman and Eng. Imam Afifi – AC Board Member toured the expansion works of El Amiriya Wastewater Project – 2nd Phase with a capacity 1.5million m³/day that the total capacity will reach 3.5million m³/day. The execution ration of the civil works reached 98%, electromechanical works 77% with a total cost EGP 340 million.
It is a noteworthy that the project is considered one of the mega wastewater projects and about 13 million inhabitants benefit from it. By implementing these 2 phases the wastewater will be pumped to 15km till El Khosous and El Alg stations then to El Gabl El Asfar station. the state of the art technique used in the execution of the diaphragm walls to implement the manhole 60m depth, 42m diameter; using the slip-forms to execute the dry and wet parts of the manhole. The design of the station took in consideration the possibility of using 3 new concrete tunnels to control the wastewater path through the gates and a tunnel with 29m depth using Skada system to implement the control building which linking between the 1st phase and the 2nd phase.