January 28, 2014

Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab is the Man of This Phase and AC is the Top Egyptian Contracting Company

A survey prepared by Amwal Al Ghad based upon the opinions of 140 architectures from 25 governmental, Arab, contracting, real estate investment and marketing companies work in Egypt to define the top persons and companies in this field. The survey stated that Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab – the Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities is the Man of this phase and the Arab Contractors Company is the Top contracting company in the Egyptian Market.
92% of the respondents had confirmed that Eng. Mahlab eradicate the investors problem which existed for 2 years ago of not taking the rightful decision on time. Minister of Housing took many decisions for the investors and citizens whom dealt with the Ministry of Housing. Furthermore, he tried to balance between the low income citizens – the main target of the Ministry- and the real estate investors.
Besides he passed many facilitating procedures for the investors to face their delay in settlements payments and projects hand-over date especially after the work progress stop in many projects for the unrested political and security situation after 30th June Revolution. The rest 8% of the respondents stated that Eng. Mahlab focused on the delivery of the current project rather than start-up of new projects.