November 7, 2013

AC Chairman, Assiut Governor and President of Assiut UniversityTouring New Assiut Barrage

Eng. Mohammed Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman visited Assiut, started by visiting Assiut Governor and the President of Assiut University whom praised the performance of AC workers and honoring Eng. Mohsen the Assiut Governorate Armor.
Then, they visited New Assiut Barrage which executed by a consortium of AC, Vinci and Orascom with a total value EGP 2 billion for civil works. Besides, he toured the towers of New Assiut Barrage. The Project Manager of Assiut Barrage declared that 23% of workdone was executed. Besides, 12m excavation works under the River Nile and the construction of temporary embankment using 350000m³ of sand, aggregations and dredging works of 500000m³ it is executed in cooperation with Assiut Branch, Marine Structures, Quarries, Foundation Departments and Drying Unit.
It is noteworthy that New Assiut Barrage will facilitate the increasing demand of potable water, controlling the irrigation of about 1.6 million feds. In Assiut, Menia, Bani Suief, Fayoum and Giza (20% of Egyptian Agricultural Land).
Besides; the construction of Navigational lock from First Class accommodate the increase in the river transportation units and managed by the latest technologies. Moreover, the generation of 32 MW of electricity, having new viaduct above the new barrage (4 lanes – 70 tons capacity)to link the east and west bank of the River Nile which facilitate traffic and ease the people daily life.

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