May 26, 2013

Achieving 65% of the Restoration Works in Mar Gerges Church

Patriarch Theodoros II – the Pope of Coptic Orthozox in Egypt and All Africa met with Dr. Ossama El Hosseiny –Chairman of the Arab Contractors and Eng. Imam Afifi – the Board Member during their visit to tour the development and restoration works of Mar Gerges Church in Misr Al Qadima. The Patriarch and the representatives of PENELIS, the consulting office praised the performance of the AC in execting the works which scheduled to be inaugurated on March on Saint Gerges Birthday Celebration. Eng. Salama Abdel Moain - the Manager of Monuments Restoration Department and Eng. Mahmoud Abdel Fatah – the Project Manager declared that the works is executed by the department units: (Injection – conservation – wood restoration - self executing – electromechanical). The ratio of the achieved works reached 65%.
It is noteworthy that Mar Gerges Church is considered one of the important monuments for the Coptic Orthozox in Egypt, Africa and the whole world. It was established on the 10th century, it was built upon one of the three towers of Babylon fortress on Religious Complex Area in Misr Al Qadima. It is distinguished by its circular design including the Bell Tower 30ml which is one of the distinguished features of the church now. 

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