March 3, 2013

The Inauguration of the Intersection Drainage in Fayoum

The Water Resources and Irrigation Minister, the Local Development Minister and Fayoum Governor inaugurated the intersection drainage between the valley and Qaroun Lake with a total value EGP 100 million. The project objectives are to eradicate the irrigation problems in Fayoum, prevent the obstacles in the irrigation's water paths, increase the agricultural land space and create new opportunities to reclaim new land west Fayoum 16 000 feds. Besides; protect Rayan lakes from the risk of decay due to decreased water and provides additional amounts of irrigation water to serve the areas suffering from water scarcity.

The deputy manager for Fayoum projects declared that the project comprises a pumping station includes 4 pumps 1m³/sec., static pump 44080m, double gravity line 1100mm diameter and 7300ml length. Besides, the pumping station's buildings, earthwork 50000m³, stone base, surfacing works 1600m³ and paving the leading road to the station with a total length 30000m².