January 1, 2013

Prime Minister Inaugurated Fayoum-Kuriamat Road (First phase)

The Prime Minister inaugurated the Southern Arch of the regional Ring Road (First phase) from Fayoum-Kuriamat Road 48km with a total cost EGP 1750 million. It is noteworthy that this phase linking East Kuriamat and West Fayoum Road. It includes the construction of 20 industrial works; it was divided by the Executive Authority for Greater Cairo Urbanization Project into 3 sectors. The AC executed the Second and Third sectors with a total length 36km, EGP 1400 million including 15 industrial works including: 25th January bridge 420m length; Assiut Road bridge 420m length; Assiut Road bridge (West of the Nile) 480m length; Teraat El Marrioitia bridge 415m length; El Saff Road bridge (East of the Nile) 405m length; tombs area bridge 188m length; Dahshouria bridge and its extension with Assiut Desert West Road 190m length and 41.20m width and a tunnel for the inhabitants. On the other hand, Misr Company for Cement executed the First Sector 12km with a total cost EGP 350 million.