June 9, 2012

Important News

Prime Minister, Dr. Kamal El Ganzoury met with Eng. Mahlab, President & CEO of the AC who provide a report about the company situation, its development and projects in the Arab and African countries which contribute in regaining the African-Egyptian relationship.

Prime minister reviewed the development of the AC capital which reached EGP 4 billion and 800 million, the AC is one of the mega contracting companies in the region and the total number of manpower is 72000. Besides, the prime minister acknowledges the AC strength and increased investment within the current economic conditions. Moreover, the expansion of AC projects abroad led to the absorption of the human resources and equipment although the decrease of its domestic turnover this year. Dr. Ganzoury thanked the company workers for their efforts to develop Egypt.

He reviewed the development plan of Al Mostaqbal City "The Future City", 11 thousands feds on Suez road. It is owned by Egyptian banks represented by: the National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr, the National Investment Bank and the Arab Contractors co. dr. Ganzoury stated that the works in this project should start immediately because it will have a positive impact on attracting the internal investment to the company, increasing its work amount and expansion.