June 6, 2012

President Obiang Inaugurated Sipopo – Panih Road and Assigned 30 million US$ New Contracts to AC

Mr.Teodoro Obiang Nguema – President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea inaugurated Sipopo – Panih road in Malabo. He praised the Arab Contractors Company in Equatorial Guinea and its being committed to the projects schedule. Besides, he praised the company performance and quality of the works. He assigned AC a direct order to execute Monjumo Road, 15km length and total value 30 million US$, he stated that it should be executed immediately. It is a noteworthy that Sipopo – Panih road is considered a vital one in Malabo which has all the recent guidelines. The road total length is 12km, 10m width, the cutting and filling works is more than 437 thousand m³, the foundation is more than 105 thousand m³, the industrial works 620ml, the drains 9461ml and the asphalt layers 6cm thickness.

Read more at :Nguema - Sipopo Road

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