February 26, 2009

Eng. Mahlab Touring Tammia Water Station and Networks Project in Fayoum

On Wednesday, 25th February, 2009 Dr. Galal Said - Governor of Fayoum, Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab – President and CEO of the Arab Contractors and Eng. Nouh Meshref - Vice President for Execution and Technical Affairs while touring Tammia Water Station and Networks Project in Fayoum, serving 1.2 million person and its total cost is EGP 750 million. The scope of work: a water Station with total capacity 2000 l/s (170 000 m3/day), water networks (231 km), higher tanks, culverts, water intakes and an extrusion for serving the inhabitants of Tammia, Senoures and East Fayoum. The project inauguration will by the end of September 2009, as stated by Eng. Osman El Shemi - The Head of Sector and Eng. Mohammed El Lithy - The Project Manager.