December 22, 2008

Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab Touring Qena Projects

On Saturday, December 20, 2008--President and CEO of the Arab Contractors, Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab, touring Qena governorate and its projects: the Expansion of Qena Water Station 600-1200 l/s, Qeft Filtered Water Station in the Industrial City, the Multi-Purpose Glass Hall in Qena Corniche which executed by South Valley Branch attended by Eng. Osama Shawki – Vice-President for Electromechanical Works. It is noteworthy that the expansion project of Qena Water Station cost value is EGP 70 million and it serves Qena city, Al-Gabalawy, Al-Ashraf, Al-Maana, Al-Salhia and Al-Baiada. Qeft Filtered Water Station in the Industrial City cost value is EGP 35 million and the Multi-Purpose Glass Hall cost value is EGP 5 million used as a main meeting hall for Qena governorate. In the presence of Eng. Sharf El-Din Mohammed - Head of Electromechanical Projects' Sector, Eng. Assem Edward - Manager of South Valley Branch and Eng. Abou Al Hamd Fekry - Branch Deputy Manager and Qena Projects' Supervisor.