August 23, 2007

Inauguration of Damanhour Parking Compound & Fruit and Vegetables Market Project

The Prime Minister, Dr. Ahmed Nazif, inaugurated two of the Arab Contractors projects at Damanhour governorate includes sectors of transport and export, during the governors meeting held at Al-Beheira. H.E Dr. Nazif was accompanied by Ministers of Housing and Utilities, Transport and Local Development as well as several governors including Al-Beheira Governor. Dr. Nazif moved to Damanhour Governorate where Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab Chairman of the AC, Eng. Mahmoud Abdel Rahem Head of the Executive Sector and Eng. Mohamed Gamal Alexandria Branch Manager accompanied him to inaugurate Damanhour Parking Compound Project, one of the largest compounds in Egypt, with capacity of 2500 vehicles and built on 20 acres outside the residential area with total amount of EGP 25 million. Such project aims to eliminate random parking inside the governorate as well as providing thousands of job opportunities. He also inaugurated the Fruit and Vegetables Market Compound in Damanhour, which is built on 5 acres with total amount of 6 million and includes 192 stores. Such project aims to eliminate the random markets and the street vendors as well as providing 700 job opportunities.