July 9, 2006

Visit to the Sewage Developing project in Damanhor

On Saturday 8 July 2006, Eng. Ahmad El Maghraby - Minister of Housing Utilities and Urban Communities and General / Adel Labib - Bohera Governor visited the Sewage Developing project in Damanhor with capacity of 90/160 thousands m3 / day in the presence of Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab - President, Eng. Sami Omara - Chairman of National Organization for Potable Water and Sewage, Eng. Abdel Kawi Khalifa - Chairman of Potable Water and Sewage Holding Company, Eng. Nouh Meshref - Vice President and Eng. Mohamad Tawfik - Member of Board of Directors. Eng. Mahmoud Abdel Rehim - Alexandria Head Sector and Eng. Mohamad Gamal - Manager of Alexandria Branch (the executing branch) declared that the project was executed on 65 acres with value of 120 millions pounds, serves Damanhor city and villages and 500 thousands persons benefit from it.