Ahmed El Assar

President and CEO

Eng. Ahmed El Assar joined the Arab Contractors Company in 2006 and in his decade at the organization he held a number of critical roles. His career in the company culminated with his appointment to President and CEO position in April 2023. He has great contribution in the accomplishment of several mega projects whither outside Egypt as: Rufiji Dam in Tanzania, or in Egypt such as: Rod El Farag Axis - Axes of Helwan and El Wahat “the Oases” – Monorail of 6 October City. In addition to these, he has an influential role in setting a common business vision and sense of purpose for all the departments under his supervision represented by Bridges and Foundation Department.

Eng. El Assar has more than 26 years of experience in various fields including building and construction works, water and wastewater stations, housing, roads, bridges, grain silos, water and wastewater pipelines, universities, service buildings and urban harmony. He was Manager of Bridges and Specialized Structures (July 2016-March2017) and Manager of North Delta Branch (August 2014-June 2016).

He served in many leading executive positions as: Deputy Manager of Alexandria Branch (September 2011-August 2014) supervising the projects of western North Coast “Marassi Projects”, grain silos of Borg El Arab – El Hamam – Kafr El Dawar, Matrouh strategic tanks, Matrouh water lines and Sidi Barani desalination plant; Project Manager of Marassi Sidi Abdel Rahman (2009-2011), and Construction Manager (2007-2009) of Damietta containers project, development of El Qabary district, car parking complex in Moharam Bek and the construction works of Marassi Sidi Abdel Rahman.

In the early career stage, he served as Construction Engineer for the following projects: main water lines in Damanhour, Kar El Dawar, Abou Homos, El Mahmoudia and Edko; concrete structures for El Safwa Residential Towers in Somouha.

It is a noteworthy that Eng. El Assar has other practical experience outside the Arab Contractors Company, (from 1994 to1995) he worked in Talaat Moustafa Company in North Coast “touristic villages” and Man Crow Company – Borg El Arab.

Education :

B.Sc. of Civil Engineering – Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University (1994).