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Integrated Systems for Bridges Construction
Technologies available and Systems owned, applied and ready to be applied in bridges construction.
  The launching girder system Top of Page
The Arab Contractors has a complete Launching Girder system with bearing capacity up to 150 tons to construct spans up to 45 m.
The launching girder system help in conquering the adverse site conditions and congested area. A simple explanation of this method is that a fabrication area is constructed at first. The bridge beams are concreted and prestressed. These beams are transported to position using a special carriage system. These trusses move until they are supported on the columns of the required span, then they lift the prestressed concrete beams. This system was used in 6 TH of October elevated road and Cairo Ring Road – 9D sector elevated road.

  The Cantilever Carriage System Top of Page
  The Arab Contractors company has 16 complete cantilever carriage systems.
The cantilever carriage system is used for the construction of the superstructure. It helps in conquering the adverse site conditions (i.e. over water, terrain areas, high elevations, etc.) A typical cantilever carriage set consists of a steel truss that is fixed to the stump. Thus, a shuttering and working platforms can be provided for pouring the superstructure on stage (i.e. usually between 3 to 5 m). The construction procedures start by constructing the stump (i.e. part of the superstructure over the columns). The length of the stump is usually around 15 m. Then, the cantilever carriage sets are assembled on both sides of the stump. After concreting and stressing each stage, the carriage moves to the next position. The key element here is preserving all the time the balance between the two cantilevers at both sides of the bridge.

The Arab Contractors Company used the cantilever carriage system in several projects :

  • Bani Suief Bridge ……..…… 80 m navigation vent.
  •  New Banha Bridge …….…... 120 m navigation vent.
  •  Rod El-Farag Bridge ……..…… 130 m navigation vent.
  •  El-Moneeb Bridge ……..…… 150 m navigation vent.
  •  El-Warrak Bridge ………….. 120 m navigation vent.
  •  Meet Ghamr - Zefta Bridge ….….. 84 m navigation vent.
  •  15th Of May Bridge …………. 115 m navigation vent.
  The Climbing Formworks Top of Page
  The Arab Contractors Company has 6 complete climbing formwork systems with up to 4.5 m length, 3.5 m width and 5m height. The climbing formworks used in several projects for the construction of the columns. Normally, the shuttering consists of the columns sides and working platforms (i.e. around 3 platforms). The first one is for the steel fixing. The second is for enabling carpentry and adjustment works. The third is for finishing works of the concrete surface. The system used in several projects (e.g. Suez Canal Bridge – East portion).

  The Advancing Shoring System (flying shuttering) Top of Page
  The Arab Contractors Company has 3 complete flying shuttering systems with up to 20 m width to construct spans up to 42 m. The advancing shoring system (i.e. flying shuttering) like the cantilever carriage helps in conquering adverse ground conditions, heavily congested areas, or in high elevations of the superstructure. The system transfers the load to a steel structure supported on the columns by means of steel brackets. This system used in 6th of October elevated road as well as in Suez Canal Bridge – East portion.

Combined System Top of Page
  Most of the projects contain one or more of the previously mentioned systems. For example, part of the 6th of October elevated road was built using cable stays. This part has incorporated more than one system. The climbing formwork used for the pylon construction. The cantilever carriage used for the deck segments construction. The cable stays used to transfer the deck loads to the pylon.
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