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Training policy

The Arab Contractors Company (AC) has long foreseen the crucial importance of training, as well as, research and development. As a result, the company has developed a vision of the utmost commitment to training, research and development as major aspects of the company's competitive advantage and pivot in its sustainability.
For more than twenty five years, The Arab Contractors believed that training is not a one-shotcure for construction, industrial illness. The Management and Technology Training Institute MTII star was launched 1979 when the URWICK Management Center of UK, was assigned to carry out a need analysis for management development in the Arab Contractors. Based on their findings, MTTI was established (
In Addition MTTI continues to benefit from the technical assistance supported by the UN agencies UNIDO, UNDP and ILO, in order to tip-grade the training and constancy capability of the (MTTI), especially in the areas of Marketing, Corporate Management, Corporate planning, Information systems, Electromechanical Works, and vocational training.
The Activities extends to serve the construction industry in Africa and middle East as well.  

Training Indicators 2013 - 2014 No. of Trainees
Vocational Courses 2254
Security Courses 453
Financial courses 919
managerial Courses 1262
Q.C., Safety, and Environment Courses 1621
Student Summer Courses 8522
Overseas Student Courses 5
General 131
Total 15167
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