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    Eng. Mahlab Touring El Nahda Tunnel in Giza
    August 13, 2017

    Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab – Presidential Assistantfor the National and Strategic Projects follow up El Nahda Tunnel in Giza. Eng.Mohsen Salah – AC CEO & President declared that the total length of thetunnel is 1700m; its width is 7m. it consists of a tunnel 850m length from ElDokki to Giza; another 550m tunnel from Giza to El Dokki; a third one 350mlength from Dokki to Cairo University. He pointed out that about 60% of theutilities diversion was executed; 50% of the Diaphragm walls were implemented.Eng. Mohsen Salah praised the cooperation of the Greater Cairo DevelopmentAuthority and Giza Governorate. Besides, Eng. Mohsen praised the role of GizaTraffic Department role in overcoming the obstacles and challenges of theproject. At the end of the tour, Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab demand to put all thetechnical details into consideration to have this project in its brightfulimage appropriate with Giza Governorate which includes all the touristicbuildings, embassies, gardens and Cairo University. Besides, he urges that theproject should have an architectural distinguished touch and providing all therequired mechanical and electrical equipment for the pumps chamber and thetunnels lighting works before the project completion. 

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