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    Eng. Mohsen Salah Touring the Residential and Governmental District in the New Administrative Capital
    August 10, 2017

    Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC CEO & President touredthe execution works of utilities, infrastructure, and residential district inthe New Administrative Capital. Eng. Ahmed Abbass – AC Board Member declaredthat 45% of the construction works were implemented with a total value 490 EGPmillion out of 1.1 billion EGP. The project is divided into 2 phases; the 1stphase includes 44 buildings comprising 1408 units, the 2nd phaseincludes 34 buildings comprising 1032 units. Besides, the project of the firstpriority: the execution rate of the utilities reached 40% built upon 550feddans with a total value 310 million EGP out of 1 billion EGP including waterand wastewater networks, irrigation, electricity, telecommunication and civilworks. In addition to these, 52% of the work amount of El Takdees Water Plant,Feeding line for the power station and the transmitting pipeline of the NewAdministrative Capital Buildings were executed with total value 297 million EGPout of 565 million EGP.  Regarding themosque of El Fattah El Aleem; the work value of the executed works reached 500million EGP, it consists of the followings: a basement built upon 6325m?, a ground floor includes the mosque nave builtupon 6325m? accommodates 6300 prayers– 6 entries – aside entrance for the women praying area in the 1stfloor – external praying area 3400m? accommodate3400 prayers and a basement including men praying area accommodate 1200 person –women praying area accommodate 300 person – 2 ablution for men and 3 for women –a museum for religious messages – Quran dictation place – a medical unit. The mosqueincludes 4 minarets with 60m height for each – a dome for the mosque with adiameter 33m and 28 m height – 4 secondary domes with diameter 12.5m and 10mheight. The work amount of Beet El Watan's infrastructure reached 29% with atotal value 260 million EGP including roads, wastewater, water, irrigation andelectricity.

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