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New El Alamein City - Egypt
Rod El Farag Axis - Egypt
New Administrative District - Residential District - Egypt
Al Jahra Road - Kuwait
Jaber ElSabah Hospital - Kuwait
Marshal Tantawy Mosque - Egypt
Greater Cairo Metro - First Stage - Egypt
Mary Girgis Church Restoration - Egypt
Gerga Bridge - Egypt
  • The International Coastal Road (Alexandria - Matrouh) - Egypt

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    The construction of an alternate road for the international coastal road extends from the intersection with Wadi El Natroon –Al Alameen until Sidi Abdel Rahman. It is including the constru.....

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  • New Administrative Capital - Egypt

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    The new capital is located between Greater Cairo and the Suez Canal near the regional ring road and Cairo-Suez road. It is planned to be the headquarters of the parliament, the presidency and major ministrie.....

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  • Al-Jahra Road Project - Kuwait

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    The project aims to upgrade the road to the standard specifications of highway according to the latest international standards. It separates the transit traffic from local traffic through free intersections. Besides; the abolition of most of the traffic signa.....

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  • Port Said Tunnels (PST) - Egypt

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    two motorway road tunnels and one rail tunnel under the Suez Canal for the coming of Port Said to Sinai and the other in order to connect the Sinai and East of the Suez Canal Valley and Delta; and to facilitate the movement of people and goods to and from Sin.....

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  • Rod El Farg Axis - Egypt

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    Rod El Farg Axis project is considered one of the important projects of the national roads network to transport the traffic congestion coming from east of Cairo to Alexandria Desert Road, Matrouh and Al-Amin without passing through the heart of Cairo. It star.....

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ARAB CONTRACTORS (Osman Ahmed Osman & Co.) Prohibit the conclusion of any transaction with all authorities or persons outside the company, relating to commitments, recruitments ...
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Annual Report 2013 Download
ENR ranked Arab Contractors #100 on the ENR list of Top 250 International Contractors for 2017 and also AC ranked #120 on the ENR list of Top 250 Global Contractors........
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June 11, 2018  | Gen. Hassan Abdel Shafy and Eng. Mohsen Salah Visited Al Jalalah Tourist Resort
Gen. Hassan Abdel Shafy – Managing Director of the Military Engineers Department and Eng. Mohsen Salah visited Al Jalalah Tourist Resort. Eng. Sayed Shendy – Head of Greater Cairo Sector declared that the project is built upon 30 feddans, it includes a 5-star hotel built upon 10 thousands m2 and co.... More »
June 11, 2018  | Gen. Kamel El Wazir Follow Up the Work Progress in Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque in the New Administrative Capital
June 11, 2018  | Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab Touring El Nahda Tunnel and Following Up a Number of Projects
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